Written language is one of the forms of human language existing. It has a very important social en linguistic function; it defines functional power of language.

After variety of languages had appeared across the globe, people faced up with necessity of keeping information in more reliable place than memory.

That's why the writing system appeared, as well as necessity of translation of different unknown symbols of foreign language into plain ones of the native language.

Thanks to translation foreign language becomes understandable. Translation plays an important role at everyday and professional levels. Without translation people couldn't read the best literary works, get acquainted with contents of historical documents, conclude a business deal with a partner from another country.


We Join People provides different types of translation:

  • technical (user guides, exchange of scientific-technical information etc);
  • economical (contracts, agreements, marketing researches, economical reports, business plans, insurance documentation, financial projects, auditor's reports, financial reports, book-keeping balance sheets and other international economical activities documents etc);
  • legal (living wills, affidavits, living trusts, powers of attorney, last wills and testaments, bills of sale, promissory notes, lease agreements, quit claim deeds, eviction notices, letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements, operating agreements, non-compete agreements, employment applications etc);
  • medical (medical documentation, documentation over clinical medicinal products trials, pharmaceutical documentation, popular-science literature, scientific-medical literature etc.);
  • culinary (recipes, culinary notes in magazines/journals/on-line, restaurant critic etc.).



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