Modern world and society develop rapid leaps, in large part because of possibility to change place of residence, place of work, conduct of business.

It is not always possible to foresee, under what circumstances and in what country you will live. Sometimes it happens unplanned and unexpected. In any case you have a reliable partner  - We Join People.

Do you have a plan to move to one of European countries with a purpose to get married, to study, to work or for other serious reasons? We Join People can help you to get necessary information.

We Join People advises, helps, guides and supports in the field of immigration and naturalisation.


We Join People provides necessary information about:

  • visa;
  • сosts;
  • documents;
  • terms;
  • basic language exam in the embassy;
  • residence/work permit;
  • integration exam;
  • citizenship;
  • driving licence. 

We help you to collect all the necessary information and, if needed, to send it to state bodies, such as embassies, consulates, Immigration and Naturalisation Service etc. We advise and we guide you through the whole procedure.



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